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Hi lovely, Thank you for being here, I'm Angelique Fogarty, owner of Woven Wellbeing.

Woven Wellbeing is a holistic service providing counselling, coaching, creative therapies, nature based therapies and energetic healing.

 I am client centered and my style as a counsellor is to provide you with a support person in your life that holds you with unconditional positive regard, understanding and a space to be seen and heard. I utilise therapeutic technique and share tools with a focus on self-development and energetic wellbeing. I believe that a holistic approach that honours your identity in restoring, empowering and motivating you is what you deserve and is an intregal part of essential Self Care.

 I have particular training, knowledge and experience with trauma- informed care, creative therapy, nature connection therapy and Mindfulness. I hold a Diploma of Counselling and am registered with the IICT. Woven Wellbeing is also an official contributor to Nature Play QLD.

Woven Wellbeing also hosts events including the  Wild Woman Walk and upcoming Earth-Cycle gatherings.

In addition to what I can provide, I also have wonderful connections to many other programs and professionals should you need additional support.



Why Natural Counselling?

and it can help with

Peaceful environment

Environemt plays a big role in Wellbeing and the space I offer is natural, friendly, non-clinical and peaceful.

Intuitive and Holistic approach

I truly care about my clients and take time and energy to deeply consider each one, before, during and after sessions . I am client lead so your service is individualised and allows for  your whole being to be nurtured.

Life transitions

Just like the Earth and all life ( as we are not seperate from it), we go through cycles of growth, breakdown, rebirth and even stagnation or dormancy. We experince natural life tranistions and may at times need extra support as we nativaigate these changes


We are in an ever evolving state of 'becoming' and Identity can get lost in the business of all the roles we play in life. Getting to know who we are by investing in time and a space to contemplate and express yourself gives you a deeper sense of who you are and what your purpose is. 


Holistic counselling looks at the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit to help facilitate wellness. Helping with Stress, Anxiety, Overwhelm...


As a natural counsellor I  become a support person in your life. Someone to give you  unconditional positive regard and be understanding, empathetic and accepting as you be seen and heard.


"With special thanks to Angelique at Woven Wellbeing for a truly special Wild Women Walk event recently.

Spending quality time with a group of beautiful women in an ancient rainforest was a magical experience awakening, nourishing and nurturing mind body and spirit".

— Julia, Toowoomba



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