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The Wellbeing Cottage

10475 New England Hwy, Highfields QLD 4352

Woven- made by interlacing elements and details into a complete piece.

Hi lovely, Thankyou for being here. My name is Angelique Fogarty, I am the counsellor and owner of Woven Wellbeing.

Woven Wellbeing is a Counselling service that offers therapeutic support to individuals and families.  In addition to providing 1:1 counselling I pour my love and knowledge of creativity and nature into my practice, this manifests during sessions (if applicable) and in the workshops and events that WW also host.  I am client focused and utilise therapeutic technique and tools with a focus on energetic wellbeing. I believe that a holistic approach that honours your identity in restoring, empowering and motivating you is what you and your family deserve.

 I have particular training and experience with youth, trauma- informed care and specialise in a variety of fields including, creative therapy, ecotherapy, mindfulness, family/relationship support and self-care guidance. I hold a Diploma of Counselling and am registered with the IICT. Woven Wellbeing is also an official contributor to Nature Play QLD.

In addition to what I can provide, I also have wonderful connections to many other programs and professionals should you need additional support.






Creative Therapy

Nature Based Therapy

Nature Play

Youth Counselling

Respectful Relationships

Parenting Support

Life Transition



Self Care