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The Wellbeing Cottage

10475 New England Hwy, Highfields QLD 4352




Counselling aims to guide you through times where you feel you need the extra tools to get to your goals or through a particular block. Life didnt come with a manual and it's far from easy. Let's work through some things together so you feel equiped and empowered to help yourself and family. Always Here for you =)


We are looking for independent professionals who will fit into our holistic approach of caring for others:

We need you!

·        Therapists

·        Naturopaths

·        Massage Therapists

·        Mindfulness coaches

·        Life coaches

·        Nutritionists

·        Yoga Instructors

·        Fitness Gurus

·        Finance counsellors

·        Art therapists

·        Alternative therapists

·        Spiritual counsellors

·        Child play therapists

·        Hypnotherapist

·        Drug and alcohol specialists

·        Someone with a story to tell​


You will have the opportunity to Contribute to the blog, workshops, and be a part of our specialised case plan program + benefit from a co-working environment, group affiliation and gain client interest.    

Your unique skill or experience can help another, if for no reason but to connect with others and share in an integrated space for wellbeing warriors- Be a part of Woven Wellbeing and counselling

Help us broaden our Specialties 









Life coaching

Holistic Wellbeing

The list is potentially tremedous!

Meet You!